About Me

Hi there! I’m Laura, a small-town somebody, redheaded reader, and wannabe world traveler. I have an enthusiasm for learning, being frugal, and the Oxford comma.

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book nearby to pick up, so I completed my B.A. in English in 2011. My favorite authors are the Brontë sisters (how many times have you read Jane Eyre?), and finally getting the chance to visit their home and walk the same countryside they did was an unbelievable experience. You never quite understand a story until you literally find yourself in it.

I currently work for a software developer where I spend a lot of my time proofing and copy editing material that leaves our office–sales, support, executive communications. If it’s written, there’s a good chance I’ve had to review it. Need a hand with your writing or editing? I’m here to help!